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  1. where were these trains caught?
  2. Bob81 <========= Kwin <========== W-K-T <=========
  3. Gus <======== Alan <======== Buket<========
  4. http://www.metalmouthproductions.com/albums/album15/Diffrent_Fill_ins.sized.jpg'> that bob81 and nela has been runnin for a minute . trust hit it first he's jus not pictured
  5. for all those toys and pussy ass people on this thread hatein on wkt come see us u know where our hood is at. this aint about graff no more its about lil toy bitches that do one shot and start runnin there mouths so anyone from: to,304,kyt,dwa, and anyone else that wants some come to the hood you'll run into us. otherwise keep ur mouth shut cuz what ur sayin aint important
  6. i see more wkt shit on this thread on one page . then what u've done in ur whole career. ur the fuckin fags that need to earn the respect before u run ur mouth. fake ass tunnel bombers take it to the streets pussy.
  7. bring ur punk ass bat. you'll need it click click.................boom
  8. bob81 & Gus <============ keepin it gangsta!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. alan gus<---------------------==========
  10. fuk you and die trying there shit kills real talk
  11. teefkrakr

    god's country

    http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00364049f00000011.jpg'> drunk and polish wear your seatbelt let me hop in the seat next to her we will have a good time
  12. sick ewso<=============================
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