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  1. .highborn

    Parents and YOU

    my mum asks me to paint particular things and occasionally borrows markers to correct bad grammer on street signs she's cracked
  2. ill give you a big glass of bitch shut the fuck up
  3. acutally thats how they got caught on another note she aint bad, id hit that shit in a second
  4. good to see your keeping the typing skills togther unlike some of the other shitless bitches that frequent this site
  5. sum good sorts up in here , fuck off with the fake girls
  6. yo what was the name of that dirty thread with the photos of the 2 nekid white trash lovers chopping up a guy they just killed?
  7. u dont settle shit on walls u start shit on walls
  8. your just jealous you dont cop as much dick as the sluts in the photos
  9. Re: Re: And this kids is why you shouldsnt use the computer when drunk what a fucken bitch
  10. i cant belive this thread got to page seven, SURELY u ALL agree UFO lacks the skill and technique to elevate himself above the title of toy. his shit might be from the heart but other writers did and do it better. Ive seen the reminisce shit on this site at least that looks like a horse, and turdl from detroit has skill and style. About 50 years ago in sydney a crimmy alcho wrote the word Eternity in precise and stylish running writing. He was know ALL over the city (which is fucking big)
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