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Lil Bro G

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  1. o shit! i havent seen that tie tribute in so long. very nice
  2. wow, i love boston, can't wait to go back, so much style
  3. that Golf sketch is sick
  4. wow i find that sad for some reason.
  5. wow that saber piece and that huge daim are amazing, ouch on that saber one though, JA and Foe, they must have some huge beef
  6. bunk, nice new website though haven't been here i a while
  7. wow this is by far one of the best threads on 12oz
  8. 505 is the shit, lovin went's style
  9. yo fuck tha haters man. i think its alright for ur first but you might want to cover up ur face a bit
  10. Do you ever have the feeling that you want to quit writting, i did the other day, it felt weird. i dont know why thou i just did
  11. On the weekend i went up to my buddies lake in the whiteshell (Manitoba/Ontario border) and a train broke down so we decided to climb it and drink. Later i broke into it cause i was bored and the conducter left to get help. Their was some very nice pieces and stuff but i had no camera and paint. It was the perfect oppourtunity to paint but i didn't even think of bringing any.
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