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  1. AHHHHHHHHHSO Thought you were Eliot, hehe, well im sure we have met, but im out, peace to the sound
  2. I have the flix from 3a from italy http://www.geocities.com/cusiceyso2000/.
  3. Eli I remember kablam, lol yo how was sf? kona korpse. lol, dont know about them seahawks, ugh and i been painting for close to 10 years, probably more.
  4. The scoop "Your a player, only cus you be playin yourselves" Krs one i think shame about them seahawks, guess a new logo dont mean a dang thang!
  5. wiser DOV BTM thats the necka, also aerz. yeh all them kats is squad.
  6. hey hey well homie im sure you werent sleeping, but thats a whole other story, anyway nah dov was started by Wiser dov, aers, paeso, some thugs out the way and a couple of others, the squad is more south now, and yeh clean ya stuff up at the yard, how stupid you think cops are and how invincible do you think you are, prison does wonders for graff writers. But hey how bout them seahawks eh? what we tied ? missed it on monday.
  7. The enemy is the fricken fuzz nucka, im not gonna email anybody, i said my piece, ill send ya a smoke signal, or better yet read my thoughts. this is done. first and last on this here lil piece. does anyone remember captain mark, DRAW DRAW DRAW
  8. Welcome to Seattle squash ya beef, paint the wood carts, eat some salmon listen to pearl jam and shut up. please shut this down, we are embarassing ourselves, ceys
  9. gotta be First impression, this guy is so confindent he brings twelve cans to do some tags, feeling colorful lets say. on the other hand im gonna take a stab at it and say that the outside was already painted so he didnt want to go over some gangster style king? whats the story
  10. Sup yo! Hey im lookin to hook up a lil travel action toward the grand continent of Australlia, whats up with the info chaps?
  11. wheres GUTS How do i get in contact with ya homie. Charmskeeoner
  12. wheres hex? Im interested in contacting hex, He Christian now or what? eneway i want to talk to him about that if ene one knows let me know. Gracias
  13. Ges God has blessed this man with much skill and its been a pleasure seeing his style progress throughout the years. As far as crews go, i would have to say that 3a is one of the best crew in existance, full on crew who has all aspects covered. respect earned and given. Ceyso
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