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  1. Aztek is my father i heard aztek was a midget
  2. http://www.12ozprophet.com/images/logo.gif'> MUK GEN2 907,TMP,108,KYT
  3. http://localhost/Users/andersla/Desktop/muk.jpg'> MUK GEN2 907,TMP,108,KYT
  4. STAi2T


    kaes i piss in your eye...i caught a tag in the rangers lockeroom bwahahahahah..
  5. MUK, GEN2. TIE RIP!!!!:king: 'S
  6. around my way..i first started to notice kyt etch tags.....who ever it was, they really went far with it..now look howmany people are using etch, either if they were influenced in some way by seeing those, im not sure but thats what i saw first...then i started to use it..blah kyt! props.
  7. oze!muk!gen2!ufo!:king: 's
  8. STAi2T


    yo gusto..give orlando a call some time soon..we'll paint some fr8's.. -yucK
  9. STAi2T


    wow those flicks are kinda old..please post new ones facet is silly:crazy: !!!
  10. STAi2T

    Naw Flix #1

    wow ur really toy:king: �
  11. STAi2T


    i luv fred:rolleyes:
  12. serch been catchin some tags around my way with resk ...pretty dope
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