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  1. he was good until he got too "wildstyle"
  2. Re: Re: wow shut the fuck up you cunt. that book is shit. the only lesson learned by "the art of getting over" is how to put out a book and get arrested for blowing yourself up too hard.... my guess is that you live in kr's former town, he was never nice to you. you jocked, he moved, and now you are trying to have is back.. how close am i? oh yeah, and fuck san francisco too..
  3. there is a kr in subway art. can somebody scan the pic??
  4. these fools are rocking it
  5. ha, i forgot about this guy.. he did it
  6. what happened to the dtk wc days? LA was so much better then..

    ::SUB DF::

    who remembers on video graf he got $200 for painting a pizza shop. what a come up
  8. the mainstreaming of suburban graff
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