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  1. sour klever ... need i say more??
  2. is that the same RA as crow is in
  3. huh is that meter ragging soer??? nice post...
  4. MATT WALLACK(RIP) was truley my boy we did everything togehter back in the day... i have not seen him in person in 3 years but i still remember the last time i seen him he gave me a wave in the air while doing some of that crazy X-games shit on his bike...he died monday 8/18/03 in a fucking house fire... all i can say is matt i swear you would have gone pro i know it you know it but man i really hope that you aint laughing at my ass for writing this you always hated kids that show emotion but whatever man... peace matt keep up that bmx shit you crazy fucker.... for matt..
  5. there is another august 28-29 in birmingham alabama which is being held by daze...
  6. so was that elk done? cuz dude me and him talked for a good while and i thought he said he was gunna put a forefield around it but who knows i will post some shit or something later when i gets my shit ready any one get any illegals?? i saw a interstaet done by like rebel and shit
  7. hahaha props to LERT and JAT... dude im gunna start bringing a fucking bee bee gun or something dude i fucking hate snakes dude cuz i got bitten before and it fucking sucked asshole... keep postin... HuP[]-[] -[]- W(())
  8. yeah i agree with starv NC had more good writers but SC had more writers show but like people like LERT JAT AND DUST uhhhh shit was crazy... starv you ever go to columbia to any shows?
  9. ....avoid pi keep it up son..... h2....fck sbh:D
  10. tume... ....free tume ars.... h2..................
  11. huf2

    Back to Germany

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow those semaks are soooooooooooooooo phat many props to semak where you at dude? any where near stuttgart?:zombie: :zombie: :zombie: :zombie: :zombie:
  12. huf2

    oh my god

    ahahaha get the sand out ya ginies i didnt mean to make this a thread i meant it as a reply but hit thread...so now that it started if you dont like US leave who is holding you back no one likes a cry baby and no i dont belive everything the gov says i guess its just cool to be smart and agianst everything (looks like i will end up having to go to college become a rebel and then just give in or join the army and blow shit up and make money????)
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