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  1. any one down to be burned by me? i m in a combative mode
  2. monkey boy shut up and go lick heczs balls so he wont give you beef on your threads
  3. how do you get such clean coloring? i mean that the lins of the movment of your hand is not seed like in my pice
  4. Rak Burns U All the pice looks better then the sketch mad upsss here is mine i was playing with the name ONE sketch http://img1.tapuz.co.il/forums/25812614.jpg'> piece http://img1.tapuz.co.il/forums/25912308.jpg'> its from two months ago its my 5 th pice i couldnt clean it up cuz i was painting on a miletery facility so pigs were near by
  5. you should gather the pics of every battle
  6. http://grm.m.walla.co.il/briefcase/00f3/d/i/d/i/c/a/p/o/e/i/r/a/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/r/200301291352334726/200401171843421094/hhh.jpg'> hecz http://grm.m.walla.co.il/briefcase/00f3/d/i/d/i/c/a/p/o/e/i/r/a/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/r/200301291352334726/200401171844207450/hooo.jpg'> grandpa zone http://grm.m.walla.co.il/briefcase/00f3/d/i/d/i/c/a/p/o/e/i/r/a/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/r/200301291352334726/200401171845021418/hy.jpg'> hecz and sofer http://grm.m.walla.co.il/briefcase/00f3/d/i/d/i/c/a/p/o/e/i/r/a/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/r/200301291352334726/200401171845553305/ja.jpg'> jaztek and die2 http://grm.m.walla.co.il/briefcase/00f3/d/i/d/i/c/a/p/o/e/i/r/a/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/r/200301291352334726/200401171846327192/ke.jpg'> kes one ^^^ http://grm.m.walla.co.il/briefcase/00f3/d/i/d/i/c/a/p/o/e/i/r/a/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/r/200301291352334726/200401171847279776/mo.jpg'> sofer and apoc
  7. look wut i got from santa hecz for christmes http://grm.m.walla.co.il/briefcase/00f3/d/i/d/i/c/a/p/o/e/i/r/a/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/r/200301291352334726/200401171838541907/ap.jpg'> apoc and dust ^^^ http://grm.m.walla.co.il/briefcase/00f3/d/i/d/i/c/a/p/o/e/i/r/a/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/r/200301291352334726/200401171839369056/bs.jpg'> virs by hecz and face http://grm.m.walla.co.il/briefcase/00f3/d/i/d/i/c/a/p/o/e/i/r/a/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/r/200301291352334726/200401171840222835/cd.jpg'> themo and acet http://grm.m.walla.co.il/briefcase/00f3/d/i/d/i/c/a/p/o/e/i/r/a/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/r/200301291352334726/200401171841105231/e.jpg'> dork and sin http://grm.m.walla.co.il/briefcase/00f3/d/i/d/i/c/a/p/o/e/i/r/a/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/r/200301291352334726/200401171842137140/h.jpg'> revise and apoc
  8. is it possibale to do philly hand with my name letters? i mean like do a virs hand? i m not asking no one to do it for me so i m cutting the beef befor it starts i m just asking if its possible
  9. says SIGN - did it for a crew member http://grm.m.walla.co.il/briefcase/00f3/a/s/i/_/c/a/p/2/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/r/200302261904287816/200401151355385018/sign.jpg'>
  10. our trains are heavly guarded by refrigeratior sized ppl armed with m-16 and dog petroling all over the place bombing the train yard in israel is a suciced mission
  11. spkie hushhhhhhh i know you know :lol: :lol: :lol:
  12. http://grm.m.walla.co.il/briefcase/00f3/d/i/d/i/c/a/p/o/e/i/r/a/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/r/200301291352334726/200401081356578819/untitled_copy.jpg'>
  13. yeah i know but.... mostly they were based on the actuall ppl from the 80's era with wide ending jeans taxi drivers hats and alot of gold on them and most b- boys used to dress like that so the charecters got the stigma of beeing called a b-boy
  14. wut do you mean ?! how can i get bored? and besides the only thing i copied was the charecter cuz i cant do b- boys .... but after all every un talnted writer ( un talnted= cant do charecters) bites charecters like cartoons and shit ... and like bode and shit so just look at it like i copied a cartoon and dont give me beef on it
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