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  1. i like. *** shit is always funky, but them newbies come off hard as hell. raves and ravers alike are GAY, played out like limp bizkit. so are dots. that idiot actually blazes over quality shit if a writer covers up his circle. somebody pleez flik that shit on the back of st. andys, i cant get enough ansiq in my daily graf intake.
  2. top notch Mr. Boulder, its good to see the "graf scene" in detroit is still hanging on by a thread. and judging by some of those flix, you know about some of the good new spots. that ansiq fr8 is hot as hell, army + kosek, coup + tst, irate, bump bump
  3. jesus fucking christ!!!!! them SNAFU pieces are the rowdiest shit ive seen come outta this city all year bump bump
  4. somebody post a couple of them dead crackheadz that been poppin up lately. them shits are pretty fresh for character throwies


    that bic pen blackbook shit is nicer than the pieces props for inventing the style even tho ill never try to paint like that
  6. fa sho this dudes work is sick. but this is the kind of crap you call "art" not graffiti. sure he can pull off some dope ass shit if you give him a nice clean wall, some fancy euro-paint, and about 6 hours....but do you really think most of these 3D kids could rock some funky ass letters in the middle of the ghetto at 3 in the mornin usin some black & chrome krylon im under ten minutes??? id much rather have the canvas hangin in my living room and see a party store ate up with layers of bangin-ass 2 color throwies.
  7. yea, and youll be blowin that shit up every day with the same senseless garbage. go paint
  8. PURE INSANITY damn. its tite as fuck to see a new detroit thread in the dead of winter. that GRAM & ABORT winnie is out cold, it be hella phat to see that bitch crusin down woodward. JUSTO and his crew are unstoppable. Good work fellas.
  9. i dunno who this "FEW?" dude is but im diggin that white one. rest of tha shit is lookin good too jaunt is a buttsniffer haha!
  10. goddammit scott! what the hell compelled you to post thet nasty-ass irate garbage? dont ever let that kid use your montana!!
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