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  1. That TONK throw is horrid... Is it suppose to look like that? With the letters all goofy and not flowing with each other? With no originality or style in the letters at all... Back to the drawing board chief. By the looks of the brick slayers hawaii thread, folks in hawaii dont draw much which this thread seems to confirm...
  2. mrhand

    Updated Sites,

    more trains benched in the south east...
  3. downsouth benching... gotta love sidebustin airslides!
  4. mrhand

    Updated Sites,

    more freights added...
  5. Unbiased benching... all photos taken by me within a week or two... more later...
  6. mrhand

    Updated Sites,

    updates: Rail 25, 26; Tracks 8; Savannah 13...
  7. that Drats Dizo BN airslide is fire...
  8. bump... from savannah, ga... http://ngc4676.intheunknown.net/images/sav_ga-detr01.jpg'>
  9. mrhand

    Updated Sites,

    12.25.03... streets 22-25, rails 22-23
  10. mrhand

    Updated Sites,

    updatin from the dirty dirty. new look, new pictures.
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