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Everything posted by skrib139

  1. not being funny but why do people bother painting such a bunch of shit on trains? cmon man, at least fill it in properly, and whats wrong with a quick border?
  2. skrib139

    uk wall flixs

    hahaha that had me going for about er. 2 milliseconds...
  3. well done, you just managed to get wrong about 10 times in 6 lines.... you must be thinkin of someone else buddy, gwarn with your boojy wannabee shit anyway... :lol:
  4. truesay.... you put some flicks on anyway, which is better than what most cats post...
  5. he said he didnt take it for 12oz so i thought it was a bit odd...
  6. looks like a certain fake little toy cant take it eh.... oh well.... :D
  7. even sadder the fuss you kick up when people post flicks of shit that aint even yours!!! :D
  8. even sadder you take flicks of your tv for no particular reason....
  9. skrib139

    uk wall flixs

    cmon man you know better than that, when did all them trees grow up huh?? :lol:
  10. skrib139

    uk wall flixs

    or "pretentious art crap" yknow.... YOU FUCKING TOY!!!
  11. shit, you got me over a barrel... well i hope youre happy in the knowledge that you are now gonna be personally responsible for the snatching of innocent old ladies handbags to fund a flick processing habit that id managed to suppress for a while.....
  12. hands up if you think loco should change his signature.... it makes me fucking cringe everytime i read it... so gay, its the sorta thing i can imagine graham norton squealing... :o
  13. skrib139

    On my travels

    think theres gonna be a next graff based program on t4 soonish, saw a little clip on an ad today.... think i spotted a rare kind piece too...:D
  14. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v141/skrib139/nosleep.jpg'> http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v141/skrib139/fuckshi.jpg'>
  15. your thinking of prix as in grand prix nt init....
  16. watch the reflections my son... :rolleyes:
  17. we dont have "convinient" catwalks either, and i wouldnt exactly call the yard situation convinient when you're getting zinged out every 10 minutes.... as for lighting... cant complain when you can paint daytime huh :rolleyes:
  18. bear in mind that most of that sits in the middle of nowhere and you can flex it daytime without much hassle....:o
  19. that sucks to the fullest... :o
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