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  1. skrib139

    Updated American Clean Train Thread!

    not being funny but why do people bother painting such a bunch of shit on trains? cmon man, at least fill it in properly, and whats wrong with a quick border?
  2. skrib139

    uk wall flixs

    hahaha that had me going for about er. 2 milliseconds...
  3. skrib139

    >>Dws South London crew<<

    well done, you just managed to get wrong about 10 times in 6 lines.... you must be thinkin of someone else buddy, gwarn with your boojy wannabee shit anyway... :lol:
  4. skrib139

    dpm crew- london

    truesay.... you put some flicks on anyway, which is better than what most cats post...
  5. skrib139

    >>Dws South London crew<<

    mind your own business...
  6. skrib139

    Oker BKS BYI

    yeah :D
  7. skrib139

    dpm crew- london

    he said he didnt take it for 12oz so i thought it was a bit odd...
  8. skrib139

    >>Dws South London crew<<

    looks like a certain fake little toy cant take it eh.... oh well.... :D
  9. skrib139

    dpm crew- london

    even sadder the fuss you kick up when people post flicks of shit that aint even yours!!! :D
  10. skrib139

    dpm crew- london

    even sadder you take flicks of your tv for no particular reason....
  11. skrib139

    >>Dws South London crew<<

    you're pretty lame..
  12. skrib139

    uk wall flixs

    cmon man you know better than that, when did all them trees grow up huh?? :lol:
  13. skrib139

    uk wall flixs

    or "pretentious art crap" yknow.... YOU FUCKING TOY!!!
  14. skrib139


    shit, you got me over a barrel... well i hope youre happy in the knowledge that you are now gonna be personally responsible for the snatching of innocent old ladies handbags to fund a flick processing habit that id managed to suppress for a while.....
  15. skrib139

    The UK Blackbook

    are you trying to be funny?