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  1. couple different styles bump for that lumos stuff
  2. Its not hard to understand, euro style has been born out of the need to get as phat and funky in the least amount of time. The majority of euro pieces you see are on trains highlighting why this is their style. Mate would you rock a block buster wildstyle in a russian yard???
  3. some Melbourne street action i think this cunt did this on a roll of clear contact paper sorry no close ups
  4. theres a couple doing the rounds already its a cool idea though
  5. TS

    Dam tuf crowd

    ok sorry the last joke mighter been a bit crass, especially if you like JR but hey its just a gag. OK ill try and make it up with this one... HOw long does it take to cook a baby in a microwave??? I don't know! i was to busy masturbating
  6. TS

    humour me

    How many bowling balls can Julia Roberts fit up her cunt??? Just the One!
  7. And Queens keeps on fakin it ... Sorry dudes just had to do it.
  8. does anyone know of a internet distributor where i can purchase original graff art prints - possibly some delta work??? cheers
  9. TS


    good to see a dash guerns representing
  10. check melburn city in Brickslayers its in ther somewhere
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