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  1. This guy's style has been an inspiration since the first pics i saw. I feel for Faust losing a partner in crime. RIP from Australia.
  2. Graffit writers photoshopping rappers into their pictures. I've seen it all.
  3. hey fauxcroc, do you have any photos of ACRE's throwups from around that time?
  4. Is that from Tottenham? If so, do you have the Orko character from He-Man that was there for many years?
  5. Who is supplying the $20K? Is it Megarampage or Ironlak. or someone else?
  6. Please post some Chek if you have any. It's form a similar era to all this nice westside old school. NSA is where it's at.
  7. LOL Good work on the new thread. I will not bitch without adding a flick
  8. This is a 'classic' buff man flick. I thought some other australian would have posted it before me, but oh well.
  9. actually..... ºûµúSO can you email me so i can ask you some more questions about your paint.?? westsidemayhem@hotmail.com http://www.fblcrew.com ^^^^^^ this is a really good site, the videos kick ass, it looks like the paint you guys use is almost as good as montana.
  10. nice work WORD UP hey this stuff is awsome. I was in china in 2002 and there were not many people expressing themselves through art. Keep up the good work. Can you post some photos of the cans you use and the caps you are using in them. for $0.75 per can you should think about starting to export these cans to Australia. I would by at least 10 boxes.
  11. thanks for the update cool cool. i think that HK is the place to bomb. heaps of the kids there dig graff but PETRO is the one of the few who truly 'get up' in the sense of the phrase. but yeah, hey thanks for the update on the 'cats dogs' deal.
  12. crazy shit http://www.graffiti.org/dj/21-9-2001/large/tags10.jpg'> hey, whats with all that writing really small all over kowloon. like on those boxes. all this shit about cats and dogs and irish and english people and crazy shit. its all over HK. some really long stuff that makes no sense. shed some light.
  13. bump bump bump bump this shit. siks is the style KING!
  14. i must add here's some of my collection. i am slowly trying to use them up. truly sorry about the size of the flick too. http://www.fatcap.co.uk/host/files/IMAGE211.JPG'>
  15. Damn. Sydney looks hot. Melburn is overrun by toys at the moment. Every 15-16 year old thinks hes a writer. Good spots covered in wak pieces. Banos looks to be quite the style king. similar to Baron TKP in melbs. Nice colours allround too.
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