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  1. Maybe you should consult with some of the aussie veterans about who needs a kick in the ass before you do anything rash.
  2. I'm laughing about it. I just don't think that people dieing in car crashes is very funny.
  3. You think that shits funny dickhead? You think a car crash and people dying in it is funny? Maybe if you didn't live in such a sheltered world, you'd realise what a fucked up thing you've said.
  4. So i had small accident on the weekend. I was driving along with heydrich and zee zee and tried to get the back end of my car swinging out when taking a corner. It was wet and i started sliding, so i jammed on the brakes. Stupid move. The steering wheel locked up and i started heading straight for the curb, i didn't have enough time to get my foot of the brake and back onto the gas to free up the wheel and we slammed into the curb at around 40 or 50 kmph. I was a tad shaken up and put the car in reverse to get off the sidewalk, praying to god that the car would work. It drove fine, except i knocked the wheels way out of alignment. The right wheel has been pushed way back and scrapes the car when you do hard right turns. The car also drags way to the right when driving and it's a bitch to keep it going straight. I told my dad that it happened cause a couple of young kids ran on the road in front of me and i had to swerve to miss them. I guess i'm lucky that we didn't hit a tree, although heydrich would've taken most of the collision, as he was in the front passenger seat and that side went up on the curb first. Who else has had car accidents, minor or major?
  5. Tassie devils are vicious little mongrels. They go skitz when they get riled up, although they dont go quite crazy enough to create a mini tornado. I remember going camping and hearing wombats under the cabins, you scare them out, throw rocks at them and watch them waddle away quickly. The downside is when they come back when you're sleeping and eat your young, but easy come, easy go.
  6. Thats what i'm counting on.
  7. And i'm tellin ya, it aint pretty to be around this guy after he's just eaten heavy foods. You can't help but think he's going to vomit everywhere, judging by the noises he makes. And it's not pretty. Don't lie, he's short alright, but built like a greek god. How very true. I envy your carefree life sometimes heydrich. The rest of us have to work for a living. And to uncle wiggly, you moronic halfwit. Once you reach a more senior level of highschool, or once you reach highschool at all, as it may be, you will learn that here in Australia, we speak english. Using the english language, you'll find that the letter S is used in a lot of words where you americans would put a Z. I know what you're thinking, "no way, we didn't change it from an S to a Z, they changed the letters around!" Well my friend, you'd be wrong there. Noone knows why the americans decided to change the letters, but the rest of the world has a term for it. "Bastardization." Who's the buffoon now?
  8. Heydrich shits on all your puny asses. He's a damn better writer than a lot of people on here, and i mean a loooooot of people on here. And he doesn't eat his mayonnaise with a spoon.
  9. These are stolen, but seeing as how the other flicks aren't working, i thought it only decent to get something in here. http://invis.free.anonymizer.com/http://dingo.care-mail.com/pictures/46/463/369/463692821.jpg'> http://www.fatcap.co.uk/host/files/TRANCEDEDICATION.jpg'> Rest In Power.
  10. I wish i didnt have any threads in this forum to bump up, let alone two. Rest In Peace Shaun Law. You little funny cunt, you could always make me laugh, even when we were in handcuffs. Never forget you.
  11. fullstop

    Rip Swurve

    This is a few days late, but it's here now. One year on and your memory is just as strong. R.I.P Carl.
  12. Well fuck, i finally picked up "The art of getting over" yesterday. It's blown me away. Absolutley fanfuckingtastic. Props to Espo.
  13. Please believe, as soon as i get a new mouse for this shit, there are some extraordinarily drunken photos going up in here.
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