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  1. s'more http://www.naftgm.com/120zposts/welcome.jpg'> http://www.naftgm.com/120zposts/painting.jpg'> http://www.naftgm.com/120zposts/oopsmoron.jpg'> http://www.naftgm.com/120zposts/ytrie.jpg'> http://www.naftgm.com/120zposts/jysto.jpg'> http://www.naftgm.com/120zposts/ebtwall.jpg'> http://www.naftgm.com/120zposts/mako.jpg'> a little bit better shot http://www.naftgm.com/120zposts/crowd.jpg'> http://www.naftgm.com/120zposts/loz.jpg'> this is the championship battle... LIONZ OF ZION from DC tied with some crew from Canada.. it was pretty dope. http://www.naftgm.com/120zposts/familyofmullets.jpg'> rockin'
  2. website is up but under major construction http://www.naftgm.com as you can probably tell... i finally got the domain, and got something up on the website... i fixed all the old broken links, so enjoy those flicks.. i will put some more up next time i update the website... You can check it out now if you want, but I am just starting to work on it, so its kinda slacking... but the shit is gonna get real tight, real quick.. hold on to your britches.. peace http://www.naftgm.com/120zposts/werc2.jpg'> http://www.naftgm.com/120zposts/tale.jpg'> http://www.naftgm.com/120zposts/getajob.jpg'> http://www.naftgm.com/120zposts/meloopsdaytime.jpg'> http://www.naftgm.com/120zposts/mako2.jpg'>
  3. more info Here is the deal with the x's... I am currently using geocities as a host.. They only allow so much to be downloaded at a time.. I am glad so many people are trying to check it out.. but its having a hard time staying up. so keep trying, sometimes you may see them, sometimes not. please only post comments about the freights, nobody cares about the x's. I will be getting a host soon. thanks.. NAFTGM Here are some new flicks to tide you over. most caught in richmond over the weekend. http://www.naftgm.com/120zposts/E2Earysmetal.jpg'> http://www.naftgm.com/120zposts/E2Espekdwel4skin.jpg'> http://www.naftgm.com/120zposts/cleardissed.jpg'> http://www.naftgm.com/120zposts/expert2.jpg'> http://www.naftgm.com/120zposts/met.jpg'> http://www.naftgm.com/120zposts/rei2.jpg'> http://www.naftgm.com/120zposts/sigh4.jpg'> http://www.naftgm.com/120zposts/sighpenis.jpg'>
  4. New Website in the works.... More Info To Be Posted. from the creators of Dreamlikereality.com http://www.naftgm.com/120zposts/E2Emeskopakorex2.jpg'> http://www.naftgm.com/120zposts/E2Enekstleadcraelewis.jpg'> http://www.naftgm.com/120zposts/bzeeaker.jpg'> http://www.naftgm.com/120zposts/wyse.jpg'> http://www.naftgm.com/120zposts/elk.jpg'> http://www.naftgm.com/120zposts/con1.jpg'> http://www.naftgm.com/120zposts/debt.jpg'> http://www.naftgm.com/120zposts/f2002.jpg'> http://www.naftgm.com/120zposts/onorok.jpg'> http://www.naftgm.com/120zposts/sane.jpg'>
  5. proof I caught this rolling... I think he is from kansas. It was on a auto-train flat.. http://www.dreamlikereality.com/newflicks/oops.jpg'> There is video footage of exist msp, warp aeo, and sudn bombing the double decker superliner passenger trains. Its in the soon to be released east coast clothing video.
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