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Everything posted by mcbaldylocks

  1. Rest easy friend. I take solace in knowing that you are in God's arms now. Save a spot for me, I will be there to see you soon. A true legend...
  2. This goes out to Abyss, a true CT legend. The angels will take care of you now.
  3. R.I.P. Abys. You will be missed. :(
  4. Yup...very good point Dieclan.
  5. Seriously...who posts pictures of rapper dudes? Especially wack ones.
  6. I'm going to need that shovel back. Make sure your robot drops it off at my house.
  7. Hell yeah, I am down! Meet me by the bridge, I'll be the one with the badge and the flashing lights on top of my car.
  8. Not sure how old this one is, but...
  9. Alright, now you are going to far. Get off these cats dicks.
  10. Fuck Style By The Pound anyways. I heard these dudes sell Montana Golds for $6.00. Big fucking deal, ain't gonna help me paint no better. Nah mean?
  11. You are right...this Aoke is tight...like Casper's pants.
  12. He also has been trying to sell his mix tape of dope raps in The Village since '95.
  13. Unfortunately no one bothered to take a pic and we already went over that spot. But, only that spot.
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