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  1. ican..death666, any chance you guys can drop me a pm? I can't seem to get a message over to you. Visiting your part of the world in April, be grateful for some info on where to get paint and a chill wall to paint. peace..
  2. Whatson = :five-o: Believe!
  3. BLUD

    London Walls

    :hatred: :hatred: :hatred: :hatred: :hatred: :hatred: FIRE BURN
  4. BLUD

    uk wall flixs

    This is fucking hot as nobody's business.... Quoted post [/b] Fyans got a real nice rock to his letters. Big up..
  5. BLUD

    London Walls

    TB is a legend! don't test the purple earmuffs!
  6. BLUD

    London Walls

    I don't agree with the whole robbing people shit, but to go on 12oz and take the piss out of him for being black, smelly and their social background etc is a bit distasteful mate. Seriously, if you don't like the guy/SB crew fair enough, cross them out, fight them. whatever. Don't come on here under a psuydonem and write silly stories, thats just pure gutless.
  7. :haha: Jano, that bit was class mate, HENRY HIGGINZ GETME BLUD.. :haha:
  8. BLUD

    London Walls

    :haha: Corze Key 147 Ryt CD...time to rock the house..
  9. BLUD

    London Walls

    :haha: what is "aussie" style? Alot of the stuff looks New York to me - very TC5/CIA? Key 147...time to rock the house..
  10. ^^ Found this on the Hiphoprock site. Kindly donated by Acine CCD. Another photo finally seeing the light of day!... :king:
  11. BLUD


    Thanks to my man Big Dappa for the photos!
  12. Bice and Ekla with a Shaggy character in the middle
  13. BLUD


    Teefed off Cap Dam website. Geezer had a sense of humor too and wrote some very funny things when he was out bombing. Around the corner from Loftus Road he bombed up "QPR ARE SHIT - TOX03".. :haha:
  14. BLUD


    Glad to see people still remember Metz. Young kid, loved graf, was getting up and making a mark on West London. Came around my house with Blink, a month later I heard he had passed away. Too fucking young. RIP Also heard that Some who bombed with Dame passed away some time back, I hope that was just a rumour.
  15. BLUD

    DDS Crew London

    [/url] Taen by Neat, Maria by Teach, AJ One and a rare photo of a Pasta TFG. Stolen from Hiphoprock
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