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  1. Graffiti is super cool! I wanna do some!! :D
  2. Graffiti is cool dood! I wanna do it!
  3. Anybody peep the new Nelly Furtado video? Theres a big Money/Eggs shot in there... http://www.mtv.com/overdrive/?id=1518072&vid=165840
  4. That Ansiq post was the hot shit. Dont mean to jock but that shit was ill. I dig. I very dig.
  5. SCION DETROIT PRESENTS No Cover WEDNESDAY APRIL 26th 9pm - 2am The Legendary PETE ROCK DJ REVOLUTION (Wake Up Show, LA) Congratulations to DJ CUTLER for his award winning mix tape in the Remix category Free Up Your Mix 2005 Winner DJ CUTLER With SCION Resident DJ: DJ GRAFFITI https://secure.scion.com/scion/ssl/rsvp/metroDetroit.do yall better be there!!! PETE ROCK NIGGA!!! FREE!!!!:eek:
  6. Hey, anybody peep the JERO & TAME 1 tags at the gas station off Jefferson and 75? kinda cool.
  7. I didnt edit the post either.. Fyre did. Just clownin' tho.. I was kinda salty at him cuz he drained my sharpie doin that big ass "O" too. :clown2: Quoted post what was being said by drawing that..and/or posting that? you really need to being a bit more careful hommie...being guilty by association is wack..but it is what it is. cats blowing out your markers is the worst shit. hahaha....hughes is infamous for blowing out like 3 pages in a row in your book. hahaha Quoted post Huh? What do I need to be more careful of? What am I guilty of? Please explain... Quoted post because the cats that you are keep yourself around do knuckle head things..and people will precieve you as capable of such behavior...and you arnt guilty for anything..never said you were..i was just stating how wack it is to be group or lumped into something that isnt you....i know you..prolly better than any of these cats..and i know you are good person through and through. i just dont want to see you get caught up with some dumb shit for no reason. thats all. Quoted post Exactly, u know me very well. Better than errybody. Everyone else who duz knows what kind of guy I am too. I dont get involed in the silly ass extracuriculars. Anybody other than yall(my peeps) can think whatever...fer shizzle Quoted post why are you responding under deaths name? Quoted post [/b] cuz im an idiot and didnt sign him out...
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