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  1. http://www.thearc.org/history/300Child.gif'>
  2. Get a real deck, spitfire wheels, venture trucks, china bones bearings...
  3. poof!


    Karma in a nutshell: What goes around comes around...
  4. http://abcnews.go.com/media/Travel/images/abc_rat_poison_h.jpg'> "Hop in, I've got candyyyyyyy!"
  5. The OG http://www.obeygiant.com/stickers/bootlegs/images/leonphelps.gif'>
  6. http://ian.ice.org/studies/3d/7sporks.jpg'>
  7. poof!


    Kan, next time you start a thread in the benches, post flicks. Until then....http://www.12ozprophet.com/ubb/icons/icon27.gif'>
  8. I see the handstyles, pretty nice.
  9. poof!


    I don't know... http://www.nisports.com/images/nav/FAQ/nextqueButton.gif'> http://www.puppychow.com/images/foot_dog_off.gif'>
  10. My worst fear is going blind.... I think about that all the time, I'm very thankful for my eyesight... My life is shitty enough as it is, I think I'd go insane if it ever happened.
  11. http://www.kariehamilton.com/photoj/images/skateboarder.jpg'> It is the law.
  12. poof!

    Phone Change

    Stract.... less talking, more practicing.
  13. http://www.jetanuki.com/inside/school%20life/images/DSC00225.JPG'>
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