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Everything posted by dirtydoses

  1. up to 22% ! lol. lookin grim. thanks to anyone that voted.
  2. yeah no kidding. the show its up against is created by the aqua teen guys, and david cross is in the cast. stands no chance probably. just trying to help
  3. i don't really give a shit if you think its funny or not, just vote lol i don't even own a tv, nor do i watch TV, just helping a friend. edit* indeed, long way to go. probably won't win but i'm just tryin to help.
  4. thanks for the votes. i can't believe its so far behind in the poll!!
  5. yo. well i'm hardly ever around here anymore, too much stuff going on in real life lately. yes this is another one of those threads requesting help on an online vote. so adult swim has 8 new shows coming up, and the one with the most votes will actually air. one of my good friends did a ton of work with Totally 4 Teens, which is the show that NEEDS VOTES. Totally Teens is a creation by Pinky Carnage, who also does Tv Carnage and a bunch of other funny shit. Please visit the link and vote for TOTALLY 4 TEENS. thanks in advance, this show needs to win! http://www.adultswim.com/promos/bkbuns2010/index.html :cool:
  6. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha funny thread + funny comments = W1N
  7. hahaha how the fuck could anyone think this guy looks 40 something?
  8. hahahaha. no idea but i find this thread hilarious.
  9. wow, people still hate on apple? still? LOL ok!
  10. i'm really glad that old white man beat up that niglet.
  11. i didn't even read thru this whole thread, so many fucking idiots. nice points made by youMAD, mercer, earl, etc. i don't understand how people would even talk shit about something like this, from any standpoint, especially if they have no clue what they are talking about. faggots.
  12. hahahahaha nasty. fucking nasty.
  13. i also have no interest in going to vegas. i just picture drunk idiots, broboys and the most annoying females ever. i have however had a layover at the airport in vegas. close as i'll ever get.
  14. i stopped wearing nikes about a year ago. i now find it funny that i use to buy shoes all the time, for basically no reason. i have one pair of shoes now, and one backup pair. thats enough.
  15. before i can even suggest any advice i need to see a pic of said girl.
  16. ok. soda! i remember the 800 number where you could call and listen/leave messages.
  17. 2003? i can hardly remember anything from that entire year.
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