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  1. i'm high, i don't care about what i could be doing, this is it.
  2. dirtydoses


    HOLY FUCK. that took me a really long time to read. probably cuz i got really high right before i started to play catch up. anyways. is that piss pic real? fucking amazing. it's really real? fucking lol i can't believe anyone would fuck vaj, she is quite an oinker. she looks like she has the mid section of a 46 year old plumber or something. yuck. but really, that piss picture??? really??!! amazing. i'm rarely on here anymore, god bless this thread and all the contributors of lolz, this is exactly why i still check in on channel zero.
  3. dirtydoses


    :lol: i didn't even see this til now. i have like 30 pages of catch up to read thru!
  4. that probably was awesome to see. no homo. i wonder how bright that really was if the camera couldn't capture how vivid it was. where the fuck was the pot of gold though
  5. i have no social life, but a giant social network if that makes any sense at all. i just don't go out often to things that i consider pointless. sure, i could have a good time in some bar with friends, getting smashed or whatever, but i'd rather be at home working on my stuff, doing something productive. i'll go out and do some social shit when i have a real cause to celebrate.
  6. :lol: lemme go find my tinfoil hat now. faggots.
  7. wow i waited in line 5 minutes thanks to a reservation. the other side of the line was like 300 people where i went. i was in at like 10am. they said at 7 am it was a total madhouse. fuckin weirdos. pretty snappy phone though, i haven't really experienced the signal bar loss thing. but either way, a bumper case will prevent that from happening.
  8. i'm so glad i don't give a flying fuck about people like this.
  9. :lol: everyone had one of those friends.
  10. i saw that miley pic somewhere yesterday. not impressed. and i was just reading this from page 1, thinking this just happened. i need to start looking at the dates.
  11. only 1 pair left? put them in a ziploc and mail them too me.
  12. i was just thinking about swimming recently, how can you not know how to swim? i had lessons and all that shit, but it just seems obvious/easy once you know how to do it. i can't imagine what it would be like not knowing how to swim.
  13. i haven't seen a good new movie since i can't even remember when
  14. why do you keep saying them? were you dating a couple? you were dating 2 guys? faggot.
  15. this. only time i'm gonna look for a better price is on a large purchase.
  16. surprisingly, i have had no troubles with my iphone. knock on wood? waiting to get that new one when it comes out.
  17. Re: The gulf coast is fucked hahahahahahahahha SUCK IT EARTH!
  18. it's wonderful that you don't want the word nigga used, but you are still ok with using other improper grammar. great job.
  19. i'm hardly ever on here anymore. i'm way too busy for leisure internet time, which sometimes sucks, but most of the time doesn't.
  20. hahahaha. one of the best threads ever. i'm never here anymore, is DAO even still around?
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