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Everything posted by dirtydoses

  1. if you need advice about bombing maybe you should just stay inside. knowledge comes from actually doing it not researching threads on the fucking internet. some kids will never learn
  2. who's got the Lion Bar. i ate about 100 of them in amsterdam last year. yum:cool:
  3. yuck i think the stretch marks and nasty lookin fat pussies outweigh the good in this. but id like to fuck that chick in the purple thong, up the ass, thats for sure.
  4. who cares what happened afterwards you got first on some pussy just be happy with the pussy!
  5. id rather bomb all over the city for hours, rather than working on just one piece for hours. but i do like freights too. who cares, each their own, just go out and do something.
  6. you can find glue pens at jo-ann fabrics
  7. UFO is fuckin great. style or no style fuck it, he's up as fuck. :D
  8. daks.mber.chsme. nice flix. lovin that shot from inside the autorack. :cool:
  9. wow maybe you can cruise around on your fruit boots while you bomb.:yuck:
  10. that orange black and white cker is dope
  11. hey if youre not gettin any ass from the bitch you might as well be a dick to her straight up. save your being nice for talking to grandma at christmas.:D
  12. weed movies:love: :smiles: :jpotato:
  13. you know it would be much easier to just deal with it for long enough to get your bearded baby into the bedroom. then once in, turn the lights off/flip her onto her stomach. fuck her from behind the whole time you wont even have to look at that nasty shit. its either that or tell her you have a fetish for chicks who put paper bags over their heads while they fuck. you could draw a smilely on it.:crazy:
  14. green khaki pants from target and some fucking element tshirt i got for 8 bucks. fuck spending money on clothes.
  15. nasty hairy pussy up there but a nice post otherwise:crazy:
  16. yeah i imagine most of my time will be spent in a coffee shop. i wonder how much it will cost to mail back lots of montana.
  17. alright, so im goin to amsterdam march 9th. wondering if anyone on here has been there, went bombin there...whatever. some info on shops/flea markets to get montana at would be nice. anything info at all is appreciated.
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