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  1. dirtydoses


    ^nice. i was about to build up a pair of DeepV's. do you like em/hate em?
  2. what are you supposed to do with all that crap
  3. i'm rubber and you're glue
  4. i never said i was entering the beauty pagent. nor did i ever say i was better looking than her, im a guy, and on top of it i could care less.
  5. those midgets looked like preschoolers doing kung fu that sucked
  6. i did a google search for "washed up betty page wanna be's wishing they were models" that website came up.
  7. some of the stuff is right on, others are way off.
  8. Re: (SHE'S GOT THC IN HER SYSTEM) i wonder if that womans nose starts to bleed?
  9. Re: this new tool record is fucking boring. haha i forgot the k....maaaaaaaaagick. someone has to capitalize on the occult, might as well be tool. dude! i'm gonna evoke a demon into your worrrrrrrlllllllllllld. j0000000000000000000000.
  10. Re: TUBER! (what are you eating?) doritos!
  11. RIP to your friend losing people sucks.
  12. Re: this new tool record is fucking boring. tool is good until a bunch of potheads start talking about how they do "magic".
  13. i'm so sick of the pouty lips thing or whatever it is. photoshoppin' off acne in the 06.
  14. Re: (SHE'S GOT THC IN HER SYSTEM) i wish there was about 10 more seconds of that video
  15. Re: this new tool record is fucking boring. there's a new album?
  16. well at least she looks better than the girl with half her face in the pic
  17. damn don't piss her off too much or i'll never get to smash
  18. Re: i feel bad story kick her while she's down.
  19. too many to remember ssslllllaaaaaamin'
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