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Everything posted by dirtydoses

  1. house music is about as gay as two dudes eating extasy together.
  2. great, they are gonna put out a shitty album, make money, and then break up like little babies again. SWEET.
  3. i just watched american inventor and it was about as lame as can be.
  4. dirtydoses


    does a rare pussy burger mean its that time of the month
  5. dude in the white studded belt needs to have it removed and be whipped using it
  6. howie mandell is a germaphobe i can't believe he even touches anything on that show
  7. fancy food is only good in a big portion fuck paying 100 dollars for a taste of something. i need lots more than that. fuck you food.
  8. the 360 only looks good if you have a dope new tv set. otherwise fuck that. gimmie PS3
  9. newport shoes. whats next a shirt made to honor the shitty weed they smoke too and you know who i mean by THEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. fuck this shit i couldnt even get past the first level.
  11. i got used to the white, and now i switched to the grey and well, i like it. i really like it!!!!!
  12. wow finally something to work hard for in life. ......someday
  13. good story. i also had a friend named Nate that would do the stupid things we thought of. he was known as lil bitch for most of his life that i saw. he's some hippy in the woods now.
  14. don't forget mexicans too.
  15. aye due i need to sell some more t-shirts and pants i fin to sue new york. FUCK.
  16. wal mart smells like the local government offices on the 1st and 15th of each month.
  17. i wish food always tasted as good as it does when drunk. the microwave produces gourmet meals in the right state of alcohol abuse.
  18. god dammit just when i thought junior member was on some next level shit you gotta go and bring me down.
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