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  1. Re: when breast implants go wrong i wonder do girls with deflated tits give it up easily or do they not give it up cuz they don't want you to see their chest freakshow.
  2. i don't want anyone to ruin it and give away the end of the movie oh wait..
  3. i heard you moved to miami cuz you liked that will smith song
  4. fuck and here i thought it was sun dogs of a different kind.
  5. stenciling is easy if you just get a grasp of basic printing procedures and aren't a sloppy fuck.
  6. you know if you actually go catch a tag with it outside it will dry a lot better than hitting up shit in your bedroom that never changes temperature. do this many people really have this much trouble making krink and other inks? glad i know how to read and apply basic concepts.
  7. dirtydoses


    cool i was just wondering about this earlier today. i wanted to avoid the "stroking"
  8. does a video on the ipod look like shit?
  9. A douche bag is a piece of equipment for douching: a bag for holding the water or fluid used in douching (the word can also be used as a verb). Terms such as douche bag, douche nozzle, douche cake, bag of douche, giant douche, and just plain douche are also popular derogatory terms of insult or ridicule in North America. douche cake? i'm gonna have to try and fit that into conversation.
  10. Re: I got on loveline loveline is still on? i have a bag of trail mix featuring. dried cranberries dried pineapple yogurt raisins sunflower seeds aka seed meats pumpkin seeds peanuts
  11. looks like dude has had a shitty day. hopefully he can go home and wifey will give him some head.
  12. stupid ho's prepare to be gang fucked by 40 hippos.
  13. fuck i just bought a pizza i fucked it up for everyone.
  14. Re: 12oz theme song? goodie two's goodie two's goodie little two shoes
  15. home alone 2. lost in new york.
  16. i always thought champagne was gross. its so fucking sweet it makes me sick.
  17. its dishwashing, obviously you quit that shit.
  18. wow, now thats is some garbage even a dog wouldnt eat.
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