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  1. hey boxcar,where did you find that bts bomb?i need it in my photo collection.
  2. shit you just made that name look good. where are you from theres another jafar in toronto.
  3. can poppa k please post those toronto subways he posted a while back again please and thank you
  4. the ice toilet and pereperation h man camel toe annie
  5. re-format<--


    fuck it rape in my eyes is worse than murder it stays with the victum any kind of sexual abuse i met a guy who was a boy prostitute at 10 years old now hes all fucked on drugs and hes honestly got nothing to live for now but it was his choice.
  6. re-format<--


    fuck a rapist huck em off the top tier
  7. yup sure is and theyve been here for years DSK is in toronto best crew when it came to mid 90s bombing and tagging
  8. art child reslis coupe plain ol cool names loomit iz the wiz
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