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maury povich

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  1. that eask doesnt look like rask if you ask me....but i dare you to tell me that it doesnt look identical to some kosh stuff
  2. those kids from otr hit the subway
  3. ha!.......you called the fill ins internals....youre silly
  4. i prefer AD over these weenies
  5. maury povich


    Re: TKO? i guess im the only one who sees the humor in this post:) :) :) :)
  6. read carefully...he actually said your mom is a hoodrat (unless he meant "kind" when he wrote "kid")
  7. Re: suck my nuts whatever kiddo....i cant wait to hear the seventeen other reasons that your deluded mind comes up with next....you silly little man
  8. Re: your fuckin lame #1 damn....youre not too bright are you? looks like i caught you in one
  9. i have to give props to you for keeping shit grammatical
  10. i see these yard-rats up here and there. its allways disappointing to roll up on one their sorry, bitten pieces. i thought it was bad enough that they were up a little bit in my hood.....but now theyre trying to force the world to see their sorry attempts at the lts style. god make it stop. im sorry to kill your guys' hopes and dreams to one day get into lts or kog, but im sorry to inform you, even they know you dumb fuckers suck. i wont even say anything about you guys getting lined by them. aside from all the jocking bullshit, two of your crew members fucked it up for all of us when they decided to go on a glass-etching expedition. fucking toys. they thought they were hot shit, getting stories in the times and what not, but those queers were just the laughing stock of the valley. thanks for the extra vandal squad units. dont think im finished with the rest of you. everyone....look at the flicks....you could match up each ae head with their favorite lts head by looking at the disgustingly obvious style similarities. you guys are a fucking joke...look you got me all upset
  11. you kids need to go light some fire crackers off in your hands
  12. ummmmm.....you can scribe on metal...you dumb genius
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