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  1. i like both skinny and fat letters, if done right... nice sketches, i like the first and fourth one.
  2. majinbuu


    hahaha, this thread is a classic.
  3. he transforms, keep watching.
  4. i think d3s look like some kind of orthopedic shoes. how do you skate in those? they look like they weigh 10 pounds each.
  5. majinbuu


    only a couple of those flicks worked.
  6. ughh, you are a faggot, trying to pass of that character as your own. kill yourself.
  7. http://gkw.multimania.com/info/majins/buu17.jpg'> "youre gay"
  8. majinbuu

    Graffiti Comic

    haha thats what i was thinking when i first saw it.
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