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  1. im no fan of toilet humor.. nothin to write home about..
  2. 35 mm no more yeah digital takes a minute to get accustomed to..im still on my manual nikon like what!..anyone hear how Kodak is discontinuing the production of 35 mm film? its a dying breed..
  3. thesis comming through on the shading tip.. looking swell
  4. That snafu fish is definately bangin..
  5. been a while. That ouija is lookin swell along with plenty of others..always keeping the flix comming in the mid cali region..ill be seeing you sooner than later..
  6. that onorok is hittin..oh wait a sec..its worm! props to worm for the onorok lookalike..
  7. fuhgettaboutit i feel so very badly for that union pacific chilled express... had so much potential
  8. whatayaknow looks like i missed a good day of benching.. better luck next time..
  9. i dont know what it is about this thread that keeps me comming back.. must be the rediculous amount of shit talking back and forth..Mostly all pointless.. we all know you cant hate on someones name when in fact your own is a bite..(especially when thats your only defense) and i gotta ask this one question..smallpimpin, what are you insinuating with your lil comment,"klick klick....booooom!!" ? you gonna get hard and try to shoot someone cause they made a comment about you that makes you insecure?..if you had nothing to worry about then why you all hyped up about it? maybe its time you worry about upgrading your styles and attitude about painting, believe me it would do you and humanity alot of good. So what im saying basically is just calm the fuck down and see where it can take you..and remember not everyone is trying to be your enemy..get off the head trips like your worth the greif.
  10. so whats this ish all about?.. i heard all wkt is are a bunch of kids biting the shit outta kyt..plus they are trying to claim a yard that many other people have painted long before them..ive see that gus and camo up in some yards..didnt take me very long to walk away from it with a smirk and a shake of my head, im not trying to completely diss on you guys but come on..there are certain times when its ok to think your the shit and right now isnt exactly your time..
  11. art of facts "IM out to bomb like vietnam, but in this rhyme im the prime suspect, busted for stuff that i aint did yet..but mama dukes is in the kitchen flippin, tripping cause spray caps is missing and i left without permission,i got back with the darkest black marker i had, easy target cause my tag is on my book-bag." (tame one) ARTIFACTS Definately got that classic in my head all times im killing shit. Feeling the jedi knights circle too..
  12. your killin me smalls... this means plenty more train withdrawls for me...which equals plenty more herb intake..good thing its harvest season..
  13. Crazy shit..every since i was a wee man i remember various times when people around my way would choose suicide by train..about the most gruesome way if you ask me.. trains are a powerful force you cant fuck with..you know the feeling of when a train comes through when your painting a yard..climb on the latter and feel the rumble of the engine and the force trembling through..you can scream and no one would hear a thing..stick your head out mear feet from the passing freights.. i love trains..its an addiction im willing to live with.
  14. other article The article on other was in a mag a couple years back , the mag was from canada..3rd degree i believe..interesting fellow i must say..always a smile on my face when i walk down the lines and catch a new character from this guy.
  15. saturday night live.. ANyone catch that episode of santurday night live when a cartoon of britney spears came on and all the these little girls screamed,"thanks britney for teaching us to make thongs out of our underoo's!!." shit killed me..im still giggling..
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