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  1. Best mixed frieght thread EVER! and yes love is a bald pussy indeed!
  2. In other words "If you have nothing nice to say dont say anything at all". I should probally shut up now!!!
  3. what does that have to do with anything? posting your shit when you walk into a yard and its sitting there after travelling for 8 months is one thing, putting shots of your trains the night you did them in with a post of shit you benched is lame... Quoted post Personally I think both are lame! It don't matter if you painted it 1 hour ago or 1 year ago, self pomotion is self promotion. It can be argued that the very essence of graffitis nature is rooted in self promotion but to me what makes you a repuitable writer is how you seek to obtain your fame. If your shit is hot and you are getting up then other people will take notice and post your work, doing it yourself cheapens your credibilaty.
  4. MediaWhore

    if see say yes

    its been asked in every one of his retarded posts, which is retarded.... Quoted post [/b] Well then whats the answer????
  5. MediaWhore

    if see say yes

    Let me be the first to ask, why the Black N White and huge ugly green "Who See IT" text over some otherwise fine catches?
  6. An all female Graff Mag, Now I have seen everything! I loved their full Adobe Acrobat version of their mag.
  7. So many good pics so little time to name them all! I really liked that first flick of the old stamped out 21 RAK and the Wounder Bread car looks delicous.
  8. AH 96, it seems like only yesterday (not an entire frickin decade). Man I'm gettin old1
  9. I stumbled across this old school film about vandalism at ( http://www.archive.org/details/destruction_fun_or_dumb ). Aside from overall bad acting and cheesy 70's theme music you will find some straight up legit early 1970's Philly Wicked style writing throughout! Download the movie for a good laugh or just check out the some stills below: Check out the HOMO tag!!!!
  10. I would love to go paint there off the side of a row boat
  11. That "Curby" spoof on "Herby" is awesome!
  12. "those guys have had hot styles since the early 90's. that whole df crew was insane!" CYCLE was an old man by the early 90's my friend
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