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  1. Europe, check your "e-mail" on here. I'm flyin in on thursday. Holler...
  2. here, i took this picture of Kazama doin his thing...
  3. Online drift comp?....GAY i just sold my old silvia a few weeks ago. I kept most of the parts, but here was the line up... Nismo exhaust Cusco shako-cho's Uras body kit Tomei 272 cams Tomei 600cc injectors S15 fuel pump Technomotors ECU (Okinawa) Nismo adj. fuel pressure regulator Trust FMIC And a bunch o' other shit.
  4. last year we did that stupid ass secret santa shit and i got a cd case and a bottle of baby oil.
  7. if this is who i think it is, he's been listening to way too much ill bill...
  8. do you think there's murder a foul?
  9. "fuck a dumb slut"- have sexual intercourse with a female rollin through ya hood and i'm throwin up mah set. cup purple drank and mah car candy wet. i got special, effects, surroundin mah neck. the piece fross-bittin watch covered in baguhettes.
  10. "he's good people" i hate that shit. "yeah man he's good people...they're good people" it's caught on like wild fire...i keep it trill slaning mah bag of furl ya unna stann whodey?
  11. Sick shit in here. Those Kegr throws are hot. This goes out to Europe because I think he posted something a while ago on one of these guys... I may be taking a trip out to Copenhagen. I'm trying to get some work done on my arm by either Franz Jaeger or Uncle Allan. If anyone knows them on here, tell them to PLEASE CHECK THEIR E-MAILS. I e-mailed both of them today to see what they have available in the upcomming weekends. I'm trying to fly out to Denmark at the end of this month of begining of July.
  12. navy's the best chick out there that can rock a freight "beautifull stalions prancing over an open frontier"
  13. Skullz With Hair Are Goose Renk The whole gang
  14. starks '86 twistin wigs and splittin mellons
  15. Zask Niser Dego Turd Butt Chode??? And by the way, it's "Now I'm hot, hoe's all on me" get it right or get off the bandwagon
  16. top of my wig piece... 10 Deep BDg jeans... on my feet...
  17. Dude this shit's totally insane. i'm lovin it. it's even got the coppo status and shit.
  18. Hank Parker


    what's the deal on these?
  19. it's the new fad religion now a days. thanks to old tom cruise everyone's gonna hop on it and act like they've been on it. stupid shit we knew this guy who lived with his grandparrents and they had a scientology compound in their back yard. he builds homes in montana now.
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