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  1. fuck. well, thanks for making me like graffiti again.
  2. good job buddy. tell me, who was keith haring biting? who was basquiat biting? you are dumb.
  3. sup bobbito, the nose is all good brother, shapely as it's ever been, but i didn't learn my lesson from that incident.. im krazysexykool. Good "Bloodface" Byer
  4. a lot of kool tag-pieces. that last sonet shakes the cake. whaz goooD son? aztek the tagger-art painter you must holla at the kid:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:
  5. Gaze in the military yeah, he's got some of the best letters of the early 90s gg allin shout outs get two shit covered, bleeding, infected thumbs up
  6. same has throwups on almost every block between midtown and 125th... far more than any other writer in that area around b'way columbus amsterdam etc. for blocks at a time his are the only fillins i see. made kills with fresh tags. his fillins are dope too... their style doesn't have the "class" of JA but now is not then and this is now. i have no complaints about either of those two, they are fresh as fuck to me. what do i know
  7. when i was in london for a minute i saw a lot of zombie tags on the tube. and i noticed fume up more than anyone else... lots of fresh straightletters and tags on the trainlines. post more fume. i also saw swerve, mear, and some others... i was there in like 2001 so i can't remember too well. i was there for a month and it rained every. single. fucking. day.
  8. miiiiiiitch i just stared at that seen/mitch car for like 15 minutes and had a revelation: graffiti is incredible. nothing i've ever seen has soul like those flicks of burners on old nyc trains. soul like marvin gaye meets coltrane meets sabbath meets minor threat. uh... maybe? god damn, it's nice to be reminded how fresh and real graffiti can be amidst all the trash and posturing that surrounds it.
  9. apparently in detroit paint only comes in white and black. apparently screw is always destroying shit. hella dope (<--speaking californian to show my appreciation for travelling californians). apparently hughes is also really sick. for some reason i love that word.
  10. ok, i couldn't read the shout out. thanks keep it grimey KUK... smash that shit like pussy.
  11. awww man... who did that CIAO? first adek starts writing adios, and now peace(?) is writing ciao? Born To Lose, can you tell me whether ciao is a writer shouting out peace or it's peace's alias? I'm sort of bummed because both those words are funny for me to use as aliases given their relation to my word. i'm not beefing of course... adek and peace are fresh. that one abhor with the red and brown fill and the white outline is looking good. Goodbye 1 / the other coast
  12. Re: Re: yeah back pedalling it could be... but i saw that truck rolling around with the religious symbols and the quote "no violence like religion" (or whatever it was) scribbled over with a white stock tip. so i think the owner of the truck censored it and now espo's gone back and done a less politically charged one, which i personally think is weaker than the original. the religion one was one of my favorite things he's done. but i'm pretty sure that truck is permission, which suggests to me that for espo it was either do a less radical piece or get no play.
  13. relm is real up, and real real. dude's been writing for 16 years! i was dressed in a dirty bib and eating applesauce when he started bombing, you gotta respect that. although now that i think of it, most of you down-syndrome-ass haters are probably still wearing a bib and eating applesauce... LOL uh, and the gangsta ass stories impress ME, but i guess that's not saying much.
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