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  1. i agree with him u cant say this is ruining it for neone its strate up vandalism wich is one of the most common definitions for graffiti vandalism etch bath is just another way to crush harder and piss of the city fuk ppl who are like ohh etch bath is gay only toys use it they are the ones that go to hip hop stores and pay 20 bucks for a fukin pilot while buyin 10 cans of 10 dollar montana fak fak fak...... :heated:
  2. Fakfakfak lol ya my hands are coverd in different colourd inks from making mops last night lol went out racked me 4 shoe polish and like 10 little things of ink the stuff that is in zigs but they sell them here in vancouver at a art store in little containers of ink as refills and i got those for free lol but then most of it ended up on my hands fak lol and in my bathroom sink lol........ :D :heated: :stretch:
  3. umm this was done illegaly we just made it a production and did it at night...........
  4. hey this is a pic of a production i did with dekor sent and khemo the seek peice all the way to the right is mine even tho its not done there its still pretty wak lol but this is only my 5th peice critiscism pls....... http://www.geocities.com/ckkru/pro1.html?1034035354020'>
  5. yo is there ne thing i could rack from vancouver and trade to u for sum racked prismas ?? all the prismas are locked up here..
  6. seeks_oner

    my sketch

    ya dude change ur name i live in van city and theres a virus hear well thoe pics that guy posted r of his shit and hes really good so change ur fukin name ahah peace seeks one ck kru ckkru ck kru ckkru ck kru ckkru
  7. wigida wigida wigida wack..............................!!!!!!!!!!!:heated::heated::heated::heated:
  8. not a sketch but nice 3d bleh i would post a not daim bite 3d but i dont know how to lol.....
  9. hmmm haaa hey eas haha i dont see no ck tags on it haha CK KREW REPRESENT""""""""""""""""".
  10. where do u live like what staples do u go to??
  11. hey ser3adc do u know if they hav prismas at staples and if they are locked up or not and waht kinda pens like what company???
  12. yo hey dude tight sketches what kinda pens did u use to colour the sketches with !?!?!??!? they turned out so phat,,,,
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