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  1. shittttttt not again!!!!! aw man
  2. rusto man dont use rusto in the winter if you can help it, i know its thicker, but it takes 10 years to dry instead of the normal 2 years when its warm. and shit aint happening if you use krylon to outline. winter just sucks for painting, but it does keep everyone out of the yards.
  3. Yeah I got you on the Jase being a king and can do what he wants. I just cant figure it out people get pissed off when kids hit up our yards with bombs and kill whole lines and these are spots where people have already been caught/bulls know people paint it, and they still get mad as shit. I have been to layups that were basically unknown to the masses and I go there one day and there are throwups front and back of every car. That is fucking up a spot for one bringing heat and two making it so you cant paint the spot cause the trains are covered and you dont want to start no beef. But yeah Jase is known for his JE's definately. I know people who have twice as many peices as him and dont get his recognition. I dont know im just flapping my yap lets hear some more input. I liked cracked ass cause he actually said something that made sense and not just fucking ran his mouth about someone questioning Jase as i said before he was used as an example.
  4. So wait all you mutherfuckers on here talk about how to go in the yard the "right way" and dont hit to many trains, how hitting 5 trains out of 10 is to many, and this and that, but its ok when a big name is mentioned to hit every train?
  5. Ok. I just got done looking at the WYWS DC graff book. I saw a chapter about Jase. It said he has roughly (dont quote me) 15,000 -20,000 "freights." and 900 peices on freights. Now this is no dis to the man, im just using him as an example, how do you guys "count freights?" I thought a "1 freight" was a peice you painted on a "freight." After just re-reading some of the yard ettiquette portions of this board, and read that Jase likes to hit "every train in the yard with atleast a throw up," I am confused. I dont get it. I thought you were supposed to go in paint 1-2 peices and leave. Not kill an entire yard with a bunch of outlines and then count them as "a train." I thought Jase was the man to look up to, but he does everything "wrong" according to the ettiquette of the yard as it is put. I have been tracking freights for a few years now and have only caught 2-3 jase peices but have caught countless JE's. So is it cool to hit throwups? This doesnt make things "hot." I have heard of the crew getting mad cause people hit alot of trains in one spot before, but hitting outlines and throws is ok? Im just trying to figure this stuff out. Peace my homies, Im waiting for your answers. ps. And again no disrespect to anyone, Im just trying to understand.
  6. come on mr baltimore post DOS KOS A2M PLEASE!!!!!! i cant get enough!
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