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  1. they're playing at my friends house. In richmond, va, the warehouse Im sure I'll be there and give em a big 12 oz fuck you.... and end up getting them stoned or something
  2. cense kemos eye sigh mber my nigga reup repay, que
  3. solid post, dont take my bitterness personally... getting dissed makes me sore
  4. that masters of disasters flick is one of the most impressive pieces of graffiti Ive ever seen. 5 whole passenger cars!! damn. what country is that from?
  5. porque wears gold chains and flaves when he rolls to the yard, and you always got the fresh flics dooood
  6. That be a St. Lawrence and Im glad someone caught those in the daytime cuz they were fun as shit to paint, sweet logo too. sorry to other for the triple sidebust but it had to be done.
  7. I thought this was going to be a cense thread, still fresh though.
  8. I just called Nas in Manhatten and did the Harry Carry voice (which I imitate extremely well) the dialogue went as follows: Harry Carry: Hey Nas! Recipient: Excuse me?? me: hey Nas?, if you were a hot dog...wouldya eat yourself??? Recipient: I think you have the wrong.. Me: (cutting him off) cuz I would.... I'd slather myself in mustard and wash it down with a cold Budweiser. Holy cow! **awkward pause** me: hey Nas?... are you there?... Nas? he hung up I dont think anyone named Nas was there at all, but imagine how that phone conversation would sit with you if you were the recipient... that Harry Carry bit is hilarious. so yeah I have free long distance and that entertained me for 5 minutes. Might I add that Im sitting in my room by myself with the lights off and Im prank calling this guy and laughing my ass off by myself.
  9. Hahahahahaha! That is seriously exactly what I would do, lie cheat steal.
  10. good photos, you should do this more often
  11. yeah Im not saying they're gonna pul some hero shit out on them and defend the village against a bunch of warriors but that, and fighting other villages trying to take their land was what they trained for, thats just where it comes from, its not my opinion.
  12. anyone ever heard of Kali?? Its Phillipino knife fighting my buddy has taken it for years and they train you to use machete's, multpile knife attack's (using 2 knives at once), whips, blowguns, and sticks. Basically any object a run of the mill Phillipino farmer could pick up and fend off warlords with. Anyway its crazy as shit and every sequence is a kill move, no pussy throat puches an shit just "cut you to ribbons then remove your organs type shit". he was showing me some cuts that can make the skin and muscle peel off your entire leg and shit. He carries 2 huge knives with poms on them at all times, and a beretta, and he's definitely crazy as hell. Well I would want to take that if I could afford it, Kali, yeah.
  13. listen to you. Your a fucking retard, hangin on peoples nuts and commenting on some shit you know nothing about. NY FaTTYS you have got to be the biggest idiot I have ever seen on this page, you say the toyest shit in the world and its actually pretty fucking amusing because you continue to chime in and fish for compliments when nobody is paying attention to your childish ass. "lemmie tell you somethin you might not know Joe Rogan" xrae is definately in TKO and it would be preety ironic and hilarious if they heard you calling them fags and then gang raped you in front of your family, gaping vaginas anyone?? Obviously you got your feelings hurt, and all you can do is call him a fag. Thats clever, Im sure he really gives a shit, you even started your own new internet name to call someone gay. Just shake it off and go back to high school........fag.
  14. just so you know, Von Dutch was a pinstriper, he basically started that shit and people that wear that shit are completely retarded. No one seems to know what it is but they buy it cuz their hats cost a lot of money. Von Dutch was a racist, he was openly anti- semetic and he hated black people, and shitloads of blacks wear that shit, and its hilarious. Pinstriping is ill, if you look at some of the shit pinstripers do... goddamn, those lines are so fucking clean and a lot of its freehand, check it out. But yeah Von Dutch is a joke and I would guess 95% of the people that wear it, dont know what the hell it is.
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