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house shoes

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  1. house shoes


    playyyyyed beyond reason
  2. house shoes

    City Rankings 2

    #3 a t hell......plus the largest meth lab bust in the east this year
  3. house shoes

    I was a teenage asshole.

  4. house shoes

    Paris Hiltons "Sidekick" gets hacked...

    the nigga taste like special nigga rice
  5. house shoes

    Help Me FInd This Hoodie

    digital gravel.com the seventh letter did one
  6. house shoes

    NOMAK GFK... graffitiforkids.com

    ey its ATESxUTxSE origin fla hey you wanna paint i jest moved up hurr and freights are calling banshee wise....you wanna paint fr8 hit me on the emailness....endtellect@hotmail.com...really doh
  7. house shoes

    A few dead trees..........

    oh shit thats SE ONE in red? good stuff negguh
  8. house shoes

    Texas paper works*

    good stuff nizdale nice works dent, kaos is fresh.....is that SKYN TMR on those two stickers?
  9. house shoes


    good job nigzzle my style is parasitic, yours my host to raid, finger nail polish and dollars..money you're bitch made, honey you can't step, without foundation to crossdress, maybe with mabeline you'll make the scene to get cross-checked.... i'm coming over negguh, lets play basquetbol... ates ut
  10. house shoes


    who wants to buy a hat? wholler at ya biznoy ya diznoy...ya nig? 50 cent done already copped one and received hot brains as a refund....bang bang who want a boxer rebellion tape while i'm at it?...ya nig BE2 wants one
  11. house shoes


    hey be.... thanks for comments....be2 post the trains we've done.....sorry i faded out on yall last night but i had too much drank.....caller back thun -ates
  12. house shoes

    how did you pick your member name?

    it was either house shoes or pull-out fronts.....negguh
  13. house shoes

    "Sing the Sorrow"-the New AFI Album.....

    my friend punched some one into the street once..... he was on oc's and AFI....
  14. house shoes

    panama city beach spring break

    if you come as far as tampa you may as well drive 45 minutes more south, and hit up ATES or BE2..... Endtellect@hotmail.com Endtellect on the Instant message
  15. sorry there little buddy... didn't mean to dis your skipper....fucknigger