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  2. yea i killed him with his own 9 he sould have paid me back---- that bastard
  3. vain evrybody knows your not LD but we value your concern the only reason we dont cross you out is because you have not ever wronged us (and probably your lack of spots) but never the less we will allow you to paint in the city if you remain respectful but whats up VAIN lets see you get some spots (not on 170) impress us buddy!!!
  4. who fuckin cares you little jocker Hey rod summers over buddy you best start a new thread with the havok you have created in the burg. you better be putting those new LD guys hard to work i want to see some shit from all of them, there aint no free ride in LOWDOWN!!!!!!! get up or get out.
  5. Re: Obces Ld over 2000 fr8s easy
  6. i bit my lip when i came back and saw that phem post definatly numba 1 girl writer out she sould keep her pants up and keep rockin shit but at least you put veks on the right page what a bitch he is
  7. girls please just post your asses your graff is not needed
  8. wheelieman ----you little bitch ass faggot , why dont you post something you did if your so og , you wont though because your no doubt sorry as fuk,i have fliks of the illist dreos burners, so post somthing bitch and so will i, we will see. if you lose we will drag you out of your moms house and feed you to my hogs,and im not kidding we keep it rural!
  9. dreos may be stamplicker but a sucker he aint nothing but thugs in LD fool! your probally a portland youngster that is jealous of his skills put something you did on here that clowns anything of his i would be suprised if you have anythingclose
  10. EARLY TKO LD is as smooth as they come and yes you are sorry, one sorry ass fool
  11. Re: Re: o.g ass 1998 obces Ld,tko! no this is the real obces from st louis not the faker from sf that toy will be in a pool of his own blood if he doesent stop writing that shit there can be only one----EL OBCESO 13- TKO LD
  12. yo six sixty six i didnt say we own anything but the spots are overwelming the railways are dominated by lowdown (these days more than ever) so what crew did you write for? you dont get down anymore? just curious, give me an e mail that i can get at you at you dont what to say on here the bird
  13. Hey vein are you going for the most posts on 12 oz or is this just all you do get off the comp-u-tater and go bombing kid maybe you'll lose that belly
  14. yo six sixty six what up fool st louis railways are ld's what you write fool? early bird
  15. who likes to paint on churches? can i get an amen! inverting flags, almost as fun as burning them i like to paintball firefighters thinking there heros because they are stupid enough to run into burning buildings, sucker dipshits not heros geting little kids skiiied and making them steal old ladies pocket books shooting alley cats and hanging them on fences these are all activites in witch st louis is made of for the ld crew right or wrong thats how we get are kicks on route 66 all these memories are making me misty eyed almost makes me want move back so everyone in the city limits skin a cat for me and obc
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