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  1. Does masturbating count if you do it more than 3 times a day.
  2. Really now Are all terrorists fags, or, are all fags in this great scheem to corrupt the youth or America. really think about it.
  3. That cat is sweeter than a pig in a shit hole.(In typical redneck accent)
  4. Hell ya, the italian bitches are the best they know who to cook fucking great. Damn I'm getting fat.
  5. Some simple info there has been studies on women that tells what kind of guy their looking for. For ex: When a woman is on or neer their rag they would like a more sensitve man. And when there further away from it they want more of the manish kinda jerkey guy.
  6. What the fuck is EMO. that chick also reminds me of kansas.
  7. Man that's some hardcore shit on the page. Straight Roothless.
  8. I would strongly suggest that you not was your mony on Pay it forward. that movie was compleat shit. it gets a bigBOOO From me.
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