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  1. there was an eastbay thread a while back and it had a lot of the illegal shit and gues what???none of the names on here now were up. the albany wall can eat a dick.
  2. vizie worm....as for the art? it sucks...
  3. Get a calendar retard. Or look at the date on your computer. Love that DCat
  4. Re: Re: whose work? He pays kids to paste for him... Ahem, he does pay people to paste for him. Deal with it. Whatever his sheep acolyte fans do on their own free time matters not at all to me. What he's doing right is meaningless self-promotion. That's his trip, and yes it's up. He can say 'phenomenology' and make his point across to the art school kids, but it's not graff. So who cares? It may as well be a Pepsi logo - do you respect Pepsi for having "ups"? Honestly, my only beef with it is that it's boring as hell.
  5. whose work? He pays kids to paste for him... enough said. Oh wait... yawn.
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