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  1. top of the S isnt consistant with the rest of it, shadow is off on the v. Just giving something to look at
  2. MadToy

    Character Post

    waeko that char that you got going seriously reminds me of something from zelda but i cant put my finger on it
  3. stop being so hypocrital, obviously you're not helping anyone by posting a dumbass remark like that when someone is asking for help. damn.
  4. MadToy


    i dont see them =/
  5. def·i·ni·tion - n. -The clarity of detail in an optically produced image, such as a photograph, effected by a combination of resolution and contrast. www.dictionary.com
  6. haha hebrew graffiti... that star of david piece is killer... some better than others nice eye candy
  7. work on the definition of the PI more than anything else. Lose the arrows for now, they dont do much for it.
  8. http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00250940f00000011.jpg'>
  9. if he wanted people to know he would give it out
  10. MadToy


    i cant see it in either, but i was lazy and didnt want to type so look what you made me do
  11. .....no. You dont get props for biting. Sorry.
  12. MadToy


    2 words straight lines
  13. MadToy


    having mean taco flash backs... Cant see the L on the last one
  14. stop posting on this (and yes i realize that i posted to say that but someone has to do it)
  15. MadToy

    war zone

    good one...............:rolleyes:
  16. MadToy

    would u....

    bro thats some sick shit, i dunno anyone who would go down on some fat chick. My friend told me once when he was dryhumpin this chick that was big (not too fat, but hey it was his decision) he couldnt get her legs to spread enough to make contact, so he had to do her from behind
  17. MadToy


    looks nice...but I think i developed a stigma looking for the letters
  18. MadToy


    last 2 posts kill shit.. gw guys
  19. not bad...but take yours off the bible thread, no offense it just doesnt deserve to be there.
  20. stop posting the same drawing over and over
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