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  1. This dude is nice with the stripe> http://www.pinheadlounge.com/1294287173244/ Dope website too.
  2. Re: DEF THREATS!!! Tough as fucking nails.
  3. One dude that makes me love graff and wanna quit at the same time.
  4. I love how the TOY ars crew even has TOY acronyms
  5. overloadr1r=clawnshoe wwearing faggot. suck a fat dick!
  6. railspike

    Kem 5

    showing the world whats up.
  7. sigh resek keptoe. cherrrio!
  8. "yukon" from chicago huh? names taken sweetheart. luv ya.
  9. Rollin' on Dubs! yeaaaaaaaaahhhhhh bbbbbbbbbbbooooooooyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeee.
  10. those Gimer pannels, are too dope for words. lovin' that cryo. who whoo
  11. that yukon tbox is ice cold.
  12. railspike

    Kem 5

    the new whole cars=KILLING SHIT. ! kemr yeti geser. WOW!
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