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  1. werd ic ic he has follower and shit.. its like his own gang lol
  2. oh werd.. . i see him up all over manhattan back then. i guessing he from ny also?
  3. i have no idea who obeygiant is.. . i had not wrote for about 7 years... so i had not kept up with things.
  4. my whois . .. is already fake lol but they can awalys contact my hosting.. . im sure if it has anything to do with illegae shit.. my host will give them my info. so im just wondering if anyone did this before. thanks for your reply
  5. I was wondering.. . if i buy pre-printed stickers (lozt.com stickers) and stick them all over the MTA.. . do you think they will try to track me down? all they really need to do is find the owner of the domain.. but if anything would i be able to fight it and say.. . some shit like.. . someone else that had the tag "lozt" just wanted to add a dot com in stead of "onez" :crazy: think that would work?
  6. BUEZ

    i miss my girl

    thanks for the grammar check lol
  7. BUEZ

    i miss my girl

    SukiSukiNow, you're not this korean girl named Mina or Mena.. . are you?
  8. BUEZ

    i miss my girl

    its all good casuse when you do have someone.. . you gonna wish you never had one! lol im sure a few would agree with me on this.
  9. BUEZ

    i miss my girl

    this is one thing i learned about girls. .. the more love you show/give them.. . the more they treat you like shit! the less love you show them.. . the more they love they give you. the best thing to do is just flow with it.. never give them more then what they give you.
  10. i never got to tag tits too.. . maybe its something i should start making a habit! :D
  11. you sure that will work? i understand if you on the floor bleeding and shit.. . other then that i dont think they will take you in. but if you done this before.. then that some shit i gotta try out hahaha :D
  12. i think it will be gone by the time i get there lol -nyc
  13. heh why can i find friends like that? :( i think i better head out to cali haha i think we should stop repling to this post.. . we totaly changing the topic lol
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