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  1. ha that aint screw!!! yo my nigga screw is mad gangsta!!! he aint gonna be on the gay ass net!!
  2. HA your real alright amsucker thats why you got "Pysa" over one of my fucking pieces get lost nutsmuggler
  3. kristy you my hoe i love you blondie
  4. yeah i wear glasses at night im the king of the nerds and im thug too so watch your ass
  5. A+ to el nobody ! excellent retort i hate the internet...

    L . A.

    thanks tony but i dont really enjoy that shit post some shit zes come on


    my fault wilt its muters jock not mine we get confused ....
  8. ha so youre trying to say what that youre me fuckface?
  9. loser would be right did i grow up with you or am I really popular?
  10. Fuck this guy with a capital F
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