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  1. I want to deleted this post
  2. ya ya ya it is pretty funny so just forget about the post everyone iight and i would call him but im busy as fuck with shit in my life rite now so just tell him to wirte an email to me or something
  3. why is everone asking me if im a jew damn
  4. ya tru tru i know well im not doin that askin peeps anymore and that was my first piece it's like peeps are actin like its hard to belive me well i did do some chill spots before and some bombing in connecitcut so just hit me up Jew2000@aol.com
  5. for all ya peeps sayin this aint my first piece then ur mistaken iight
  6. YOURWELCOME yo hit me up iight at Jew2000@aol.com peace _____________ Burin
  7. YourWelcome Thanks Yes i do noe spen my boy cose is good friends with him hit me up at Melo8801 iight
  8. FEDUP ya hahaha but i get wut u mean
  9. FEDUP im goin to take your advise and write Totem 1 but dont u think people would say that im biting
  10. hit me up do u think that name is good?
  11. you think toem would be a good name?
  12. any one help me with a name to write with a T in the front and an m at the end
  13. kidbomber thanks for the props hit me up at Jew2000@aol.com
  14. Big Ups to The Cannibals Crew Skep Cose Jale Wake
  15. im lookin for a new name to write any one got any ideas for me
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