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crazy cre8

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  1. oh snap dunka roos and some jungle juice....:lol:
  2. :spin: i was a pro.....http://www.badfads.com/images/pogs02.jpg'>
  3. the linux machine... http://www.myimgs.com/data/cre8/desktop2.jpg'>
  4. desktop nerd like whoa...my xp machine... http://www.myimgs.com/data/cre8/desktop.jpg'>
  5. give me some adidas shell toes with some fat laces till i die.....best shoes ever...shelltoes own:king:
  6. i might head down to san an this week end is it still possible to paint and take flics of the place.....
  7. crazy cre8

    L X G

    are you kiddin me yall actually go to the movies i watch bootlegs im watchin 2fast2furious and the matrix reloaded and the hulk right now......
  8. you gotta be kiddin me:rolleyes:
  9. crazy cre8

    Mini Disk

    Sony is the way to go with minidisc.. the battery life is great especially with the rechargable battery... you can record from anything with an audio output which is super conveinent when you think of the possibilities.... an mp3 player holds certain songs but you cant switch on the fly like you could do with the disk...... the dikcan store up to about 4 albums of music, i think.... they are good format for the studio to and from the home and you can record demos or record your band... i think it was expensive but worth it you get what you pay for, my first one broke cause it was cheap (wouldnt record), the second was the best sony had to offer...:cool:
  10. Welcome to the club and congrats dont let the storys fool you Its not hard to be a dad but it is to be a mom!!! and the question about jesus, he is the same as god, he is god in the flesh, just think about the holy trinity the father the son the holy spirit they all make one.....
  11. hey rifto like asked beore what are you using for the canvases iv done small ones using paimt markers but some of the ones you got posted dont look like anything that would be done using that medium....
  12. Stolen from armadillo FORT WORTHS VERY OWN SKIM (Did you know skim was a cowboy!) http://www.texasgraffiti.com/fortworth/images/fimg/f3.jpg'> http://www.texasgraffiti.com/fortworth/images/fimg/f5.jpg'> http://www.texasgraffiti.com/fortworth/images/fimg/f4.jpg'> http://www.texasgraffiti.com/fortworth/images/fimg/f1.jpg'>
  13. hey rifto do you know what happened to pg? .....you realize how much something means to you until is gone...i want my pg back....I hate having to come to 12 oz
  14. push back and make the trash can smaller
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