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  1. Facet

    Girls who rock

    Hahahahah all this politicking is so gay.
  2. Facet


    for riding track, i feel like its easier to skid if you have bullhorns. i messengered on them for a minute and liked the way they rode, but drops look just so damn classy. i dont think id ever go back.
  3. Facet


    http://d.myspace.com:80/00021/97/24/21994279_l.jpg'> changes since that photo: i put on a short, steep nitto track stem, and the rear wheel has a double track phil wood hub.
  4. Facet

    Graff Girls

    thems is fighting words. uh oh, canada, you got me shakin in my boots. :rolleyes:
  5. Facet

    Graff Girls

    i am not a piecer.
  6. Facet

    Graff Girls

  7. Facet

    Graff Girls

    WE ALL LIVE IN A YELLOW SUBMARINE!! psh yeah i know whats up with those glovey hands. ;).
  8. Facet

    Favourite Killer of the 20th Century

    henry lee lucas.
  9. Facet

    I bathe in dirt & filth of the yard

  10. Facet


  11. Facet

    15 mistakes girls make during sex.....

  12. Facet

    What the hell happened to Christina Aguilera!?!

    wow, how unbelievably shocking to see that underneath all that crap christina aguilera is a person like the rest of us humble human beings. :rolleyes:
  13. Facet


    my brain hurts my brain hurts my brain hurts todayyyy.
  14. Facet

    what did you buy? =late april edition=

    the refused kick ass.
  15. Facet

    I want to see YOU.

    YG, is that a sword youre holding? if so, you are my hero.
  16. Facet


    we should hang out deliss hahaha.
  17. Facet


    lip gloss in general man. i have tons of it and im always getting more. its bad. also, stilletto heels and climbing over stuff/up to stuff. not at the same time, mind you.
  18. Facet

    I want to see YOU.

    everyone looks so pretty.
  19. Facet

    good hiphop to download?

    i used to be REALLY into that "underground" hip hop stuff until i got incredibly sick of it. necro was an amusing novelty for a while, but the only excellence in his stuff is the beats- i find his rhymes extremely unimpressive. non phixion was cool, and i liked them better than necro, until their hypocrisy irritated me. i could go on and on and rant about aesop rock, cannibal ox, cage, el-p, c rayz walz, eyedea etcetc. anyways, ill list some songs i DO still like by dudes in the aforementioned catergory, in addition to songs by artists who i like more. *everything by big L ever. cant knock da hustle- jay-z (i hate jay-z but this is a classic). watch out now- the beatnuts. the message- nas. method man- ex girlfriend. everything by slick rick. kid koala and dynamite d- 3rd world love (this is sort of different than everything else on this list but oh well). eyedea- soundtrack of a romance. aesop rock- daylight. cage- amongst the sleep. tribeca- the life. c rayz walz- degrees. necro- poetry in the streets. non phixion- obscure disorder
  20. Facet

    Korean Onion Chips.

    eeewwwwwww i really really hate those things:spent:
  21. http://www.thedrinkshop.com/images/318.jpg'> the only liqour/alcohol ill drink. no mixing, no ice. everything else grosses me out.
  22. Facet

    April snow brings May flowers?

    frate raper, im down.
  23. Facet

    Guilty Pleasure Tunes

    all the new justin timberlake songs. the smashing pumpkins. "swing swing" by the all american rejects. .......
  24. Facet

    April snow brings May flowers?

    im going to fucking kill the weather. AND i lost an hour of sleep cause of the stupid time change thing. growwwwwwl.:heated: