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  1. jesus fucking christ, they're ugly.
  2. my bad for the misinterpretation, and ignore the last post, i thought you were reffering to me ;x
  3. yeah, when you whine, you seem superior, if not omnipotent. and lmao @ "BTW if we had this argument in person you wouldnt dare say such things." how gangsta is that? :rolleyes:
  4. stop whining and throw your pc out of the window. while you're at it, throw out your stove, microwave, washer, dryer, car/bike/blades/board/scooter, refrigerator, and toaster out too. people that are smart and not lazy don't need these. horse-drawn carraiges and wood-ignited fire in the 2k3.
  5. lmao. porn, porn, porn, and credit applications ;)
  6. "hey, that's my man, with the asteroid belt." i forgot what digable planet song this was :/
  7. that's not trick daddy. that's pimp magic don juan.
  8. AcetOner

    Sticker Thread!

    hecz: what technique, if any do you use? i tried shit like cross-hatching or whatever, but that didn't work well :/
  9. AcetOner


    that's hot. i tried to do something similar a while back, but i used kung fu guys fighting and random weapons to form letters. needless to say, it was pretty bad :/
  10. i used to love the black and yellow wu shirts that said "wu-tang clan ain't nothin to f' wit" on the back.
  11. it came on cartoon network. i thought it was pretty queer, save a few cartoons on it. i hated the abstract bullshit the put on.
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