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  1. i really like both those ghouls, but the first one especially
  2. that taco makes me smile
  3. WebOne Kaos does Idaho and Iowa pieces. Ven did a Ohio rooftop off the B line in the 80's. Just droppin a little NYC knowledge on ya, cause you sound like you need it. which reminds me, isnt Real Host from greenpoint?... i like that beans A LOT
  4. Like Woah !


    ok this above really bothered me, and no one responded to it yet. i dont post much, but this is the most interesting thread on here in about forever, and everyone is being pretty respectful/honest/serious, so i figured id throw in my 2 cents , for whatever its worth i really hope your joking with that "he was probably gonna lie next to her and try to wake her up" bullshit. either that, or you are living in a perfect world, where everyone means what they say, and what they say is never immoral or questionable in any way. if you cant see whats wrong with your proposed scenario, then theres probably very little i or anyone could say to make you understand. think of it like if your at a yard, and some kids come up to you and ask to "see" your paint, you know they dont wanna look at it. your getting vamped. you cant always give people the benefit of the doubt and take them at their word. even if they are your "boy", or you think you know them really well. because hardly anyone knows anyone really well, when it comes down to it. and all that stuff you have that you keep to yourself, thoughts that you dont share with anyone because you know people would look at you differently because of, well everyone has that. and some people's are more fucked up than others. and some people deal with them in different ways than others. Nothing was in a situation where he felt something was not quite kosher, and he acted accordingly, and i give him props for that. fairplay is when something happens between two consenting people. fairplay when both parties agree to what is going on. fairplay is not when someone is too drunk/passed out/faded to say "no", so by default you assume that means "yes". by using the word "whore", or "slut" or anything like that, you are making it easier to dehumanize the girl, and view her as an object. the way you say it is like "whores" arent even girls, and if you rape a "whore", its not really rape, because , well , they're a "whore". yes, some girls are less descriminating with how they conduct themselves sexually than others, and put themselves in not-so-smart situations. does that make it an open invitation to have your way with them and for it to be ok? i want to make it clear that this is not a personal attack on you. i just think based on what you wrote, that you need to reassess some things.
  5. that popquiz with the carrot takes it
  6. those terns are nicex10, especially the 1st one
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