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  1. arcarsenal

    1 fucken pic

    who hey ser what part of the world are you in there was a kid that used to tag ser13 in my school just wondering..
  2. arcarsenal

    some more action

    yo atleast you don't have any toyed ass characters in that talk to applesause1
  3. arcarsenal

    Graffiti & Veganism

    fuck evolving fuck evolving eat the homeless
  4. arcarsenal

    Graffiti & Veganism

    ex-vegan i was vegan for liek 11 months but i was only vegan because i was tired of being a chunky mother fucker...i just finished a steak an hour ago
  5. arcarsenal


    oh-oh sandy sounds like EKsit1 has some sand in his vagina
  6. arcarsenal


    check out the virs telling people what's up good call
  7. arcarsenal

    Nano 4814

    i'm not sure he's a spanish stencil artist but there's nothing on him that i can find
  8. arcarsenal

    Nano 4814

  9. arcarsenal

    Nano 4814

    looking for pics by Nano 4814 i cant find anything and i have been looking for a lil bit so if anyone can help it would be much apprecieated
  10. arcarsenal


    cursed scroll http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00303599f00000014.jpg'> uh ohhhh looks like somone plays magic the gathering curesd scroll rite there rocking it for all the geeks who know what i mean!! baked much love for that artifact dunno if the pic worked or not
  11. arcarsenal

    just a pen and a pad

    advice ok man i hated on you before but just quit with the characters look at some other kind of cartoons or something.It just looks like you are trying way too hard..
  12. arcarsenal

    skoop bop a de bop

    go back to b-boys you got hated on on b-boys and you will get hated on a lot worse here get the fuck out you fucking fuck o yea and fucking die!
  13. arcarsenal

    Lizzie mcguire hangover marathon on disney

    ya know what they say... ya know what thay say if there's hair on the field...RUN!!that shit aint supposed to be there!
  14. arcarsenal

    new shit new name old shit old name

    i hate you virus i hate you
  15. arcarsenal

    tight ass new crayons..

    they forgot a one where's the "flaming gay purple"?